The Muir Woods Proposal

Yes, Muir Woods wears many hats. It is absolutely incredible place for anyone. There are so many picturesque hikes between thousands years old redwood trees, the tallest of all living things on Earth, by the way. And of course you can get married there. In the past years I had a chance to visit Muir Woods many times and always looking forward to meet a new couple.

But this time I was approached by Gordon who wanted to propose to Jess at the Muir Woods. I got so excited about this idea to say the least as I really needed an excuse to go there again.

After easy and short planning we've decided to do it on the stairs of the Canopy View Trail. Not only it is a picturesque spot that won't arise any suspicions (me hanging there with giant camera and telephoto lens) but it will also provide a great background.

To keep the story short, it all went flawlessly and we got some incredible proposal shots.

Check them out!