Thivi & Kavi | The Proposal

Well, there is one good thing about COVID I guess, I again have time to upload some work on the website. I haven't done it for many years. Don't recall a year since 2011 or so with less then 100 weddings. LOL and I though 2020 will be a record year! HAHAHA….I will try to post more and dedicate some time for it. May be even I will find time for instagram too. Not really my thing but who knows. My daughter is growing and she is into photography to some extent.

Here is a proposal at the Baker Beach which was taken on a sunny day two weeks ago. Around sunset time to be more precise. Thivi and Kavi literally made my day! Kind and loving couple! Great sense of humor too. I promised them at least 5-7 happy years together (ha-ha-ha) – they got the joke… Marriage is work in progress – you don't hope for a happy marriage, you make it happy by working every day (yes, say "I love you" at least once a day has a meaning). Philosophy aside, take a look at the photos…